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Размеры: 2295  x  1700  px
Объём: 1.11 Мб
Добавлено: 23:59:05, 15/02/2010
Датировка: 1755 год
Раздел: Планы городов
Регионы: Италия
Группа: raremaps.com
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Title: Urbis Romae Ichonographia a Leonardo Bufalino Ligneis formis evulgata atque aeri incisa a Joh. Baptista Nolli, Geometra et Architecto summi Pontificis Benedicti XIV. recusa prostat in Offic. Homan. 17555

Map Maker: Leonardo Bufalino /  Giambattsta Nolli

Place / Date: Nuremberg / 1755


Fine 18th Century example of the Leonardo Bufalino plan of ancient Rome,originally engraved in 1551, which in turn was copied by Giambattista Nolli in 1748.

Leonardo Bufalino originally produced his monumental and beautifully executed plan of Rome, its monuments and ancient ruins in 1551, showing the city situated amidst this remarkable historical tapestry.  In 1748, Nolli revised this map to include the modern city, along with a reduced example of the Bufalino plan to compelement his modern map.  The Nolli map alsoshowed the significant growth of Rome between 1551 and 1748, in the two centuries since Bufalino's original work, while furnishing the more complete picture of ancient structures and ruins that Bufalino provided. .

In 1755, the Homann Heirs produced a rare and greatly enlargerd 4 sheet version of the Bufalino/Nolli map, which is in fact considerably rarer than the original Nolli. While the Bufalino/Nolli map appears periodically on the market, this 4 sheet Homann edition is extremely rare.  We have located only the examples in the Harvard Map collection and Newberry/Baskes collections.


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