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Россия, 1897

Размеры: 3297  x  1266  px
Объём: 1.23 Мб
Добавлено: 20:38:36, 14/02/2010
Датировка: 1794 год
Группа: raremaps.com
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Title: The European Part of the Russian Empire, From Maps Published by the Imperial Academy . . . with the New Provinces of the Black Sea . . . [joined with] The Asiatic Part of the Russian Empire . . . with The New Discoveries of Captn. Cook &c. . . 1794

Map Maker: Willaim Faden

Place / Date: London / 1794


HIghly detailed map of the Russian Empire at the end of the 18th Century, by William Faden.

The map is a significant advance from the earlier maps by Kitchin, Sayer and Jefferys, incorporating a number of important additions from contemporary explorers, including Cook's voyages in the North Pacific and the Russian Explorations in the northeastern part of Asian Russia, which flourished in the second half of the 18th Century.

The map extends from the North Sea and the Black Sea eastward as far as Siberia and the Behring Strait.    The map reaches south to China and the Aral Sea and north to include the island of Nova Zembla and the Arctic.  Combining Faden's detailed compilations and high quality printing, it is without question one of the best and most detailed maps of the whole of Imperial Russia to appear in a Commercial atlas in the late 18th Century.


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