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Северная Америка, 1852

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Добавлено: 10:49:03, 10/03/2010
Датировка: 1852 год
Раздел: Карты 19 века
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David Rumsey Collection 
Colton, J. H. 
Short Title: 
Map of North America from the latest authorities. 
J.H. Colton
New York 

Scale 1: 
See our #3507 and #170 for related maps. This map shows most of Alaska but not as far north as #3507. It is not clear where this map came from - it was folded to fit into a quarto sized book (not present here), and it may have been in the 1852 issue of the United States Register by John Disturnell, as #3507 was in the 1854 United States Register (see our 1861 U.S. Register by Disturnell with a smaller Colton Map). This map was also published in 1852 to accompany volume one of Richard Swainson Fisher's "The Book of The World", NY, J.H. Colton, two volumes, 8vo. It has the inset map of the gold regions, and the inset has been updated with many towns, etc. The main map has also been updated in the West, showing Utah, New Mexico, California, reduced Texas, etc. There is no inset map of South America as appears in the 1849 issue, and this map extends much further to the north to include most of Canada and about half of Alaska. All three of these maps were probably derived from Colton's Map of North America that is listed in his catalogues from 1851 to 1855 and is somewhat larger, we assume because of decorative borders. Strangely, that map is not found in any references. Without color. Includes view: Pyramid Lake, Upper California (i.e., Nevada) 

California Gold Rush 
Full Title: 
Map of North America from the latest authorities. Published by J.H. Colton. No. 86 Cedar St., New York. 1852. Drawn & Engraved by J.M. Atwood, New York. (with) Map of the Gold Region. California. 




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