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Япония, о Хокайдо принадлежит Тартарии

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Размеры: 1853  x  1400  px
Объём: 1.07 Мб
Добавлено: 16:07:41, 11/02/2010
Датировка: 1690 год
Раздел: Карты 17 века
Группа: raremaps.com
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Title: Isola del Giapone e Penisola di Corea. . .

Map Maker: Vincenzo Maria Coronelli

Date:  1690

Important map engraved in Coronelli’s typically robust style. Cortazzi in Isles of Gold says of it: Mention must also be made of another seventeenth-century map, namely that published by the Venetian cartographer Vincenzo Maria Coronelli in 1692... Coronelli used Dutch mariners’ charts as well as Jesuit sources. Honshu is depicted on the lines adopted by Martini, but mountain ranges are delineated pictorially. ... In the Sea of Japan a somewhat Italianate vessel with a large bank of twenty oars is afloat. It is described as being used on the route from Nagasaki to Osaka, a distance which it is said to travel in twelve days. Walter 43; Cortazzi, Isles of Gold, p. 48, pl. 75. Coronelli was possibly the best Italian mapmaker of his time. He made globes, including one 5 metres in diameter for Louis XIV. From Coronelli's rare Atlante Veneto, one of the most decorative and ornate of all 17th Century Atlases. The map exhibits the fine engraving style of this coveted Venetian Atlas. A bit of dampstaining in the upper margin, just entering the map.

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