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Япония и Корея

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Размеры: 1547  x  1200  px
Объём: 433.02 Кб
Добавлено: 16:14:54, 11/02/2010
Датировка: 1812 год
Раздел: Карты 19 века
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Title: Japan [and Korea]

Map Maker: John Pinkerton

Place / Date: Edinburgh / 1812



A gorgeous map of Japan and Korea from the early 19th Century, which properly shows Korea as a peninsula. The map is extremely detailed and colored by regions, showing towns, major roads, rivers, mountains, lakes, etc.

Pinkerton's maps reflect the fine copperplate engraving work being done in London at the beginning of the 19th Century, with remarkable detail and a 3 dimensional feeling.

Highly detailed regional map, one of the best regional maps of the area to appear in an English Atlas during the period. Pinkerton's now rare elephant folio atlas is one of the best engraved works of the period. While lesser known than the more common atlases by Cary & Thomson, it is a superior work, especially in the detail of the maps.

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